A start – Just do it!

The start of my first website balbach.biz

A couple of month ago I decided to start with my own personal website and blog. I planned to release the website on the 1st of January 2017 at the latest.

Unfortunately New Years Eve approached suddenly as always 😉  and now I’m sitting here to put my plan into action. And this is the main aspect of this post and one of my main goals for 2017:

Just do it!

Just do it!

This means not thinking about all possible features to be incorporated into the site and waiting until this next special thing is ready that would work great on the site rather than just starting und develop everything from there. I think it’s crucial for my own development and in general for everybody’s development to just start with something. It makes no sense to take every possible online course, workshop or read every book available for your area of expertise without applying what you learned. This is very important for because it’s always uncomfortable to release something while knowing what else could be learned to improve what you planned to release.

That’s why I’m starting right know and just doing it writing these words feels great, it feels great to overcome this barrier und just doing it! Even though not everything is how I intend it to be. Some photo galleries are in the works and I’ll definitely have to work on the website as well.

The future

I know that the next year will be an important year for me and a lot of things will change and some new opportunities are on the horizon. I’m very curious how this site and my work will develop over the next year and hope to like what I’ll see when I’m sitting here in front of my computer exactly one year from know. I hope that there will be a lot of content on the site covering the topics photography and webdesign. There are already some posts in the works covering my experiences with certain online courses, workshops and books, since I haven’t that much content in this regard.

Til then, happy new Year


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